Riham Premium Biscuits

Riham Premium Biscuits

Riham Premium Biscuits

Hariss International Ltd produces a wide range of biscuits.

  • Glucose variety - Glucose variety – a life time taste blended with finest quality ingredients branded as Riham Glucose, New Glucose, Best Man, Be Happy, Milk, White Glucose, Milk Glucose, Morning Tea, Tiger Glucose, Energizer.
  • Cream variety - Cream biscuits in various flavours: Mango, Orange, Pine apple, strawberry, Chocolate, coconut, lemon, tutti-frutti and dates. Other variety like Jariata, Kaju, Big Bite, Fun Time, Marie, Zoo, and the latest addition Milk & Honey.

Brand Flavours

Riham Shortcake Biscuits

Shortcake Biscuits

Riham Morning Tea Biscuits

Morning Tea Biscuits

Riham Creamy Chocolate

Creamy Chocolate

Creamy Coconut

Creamy Mango

Creamy Orange

Creamy Strawberry