Mineral Water


Our water is available in 320ml, 500ml, and 1500ml. we use the latest technology to treat our water. Riham Natural mineral water is Ozonated Ultra filtered and UV treated underground natural mineral water that simply gives you energy to live. We source in house the bottles for packaging our water, wherein we have imported machinery for manufacture of bottles. There is no human contact with our water, all the process is fully automatic. We have testing laboratory which tests for the raw materials, semi-finished goods and the finished goods.

Riham Products are the manufactured under the most hygienic conditions. Rigid quality standards are ensured at every stage of the production process, every batch of the productions are thoroughly checked by the quality experts using the most modern equipment and laboratory technology.

The manufacturing process of “Riham” Products meet the stringent requirements of the requisite standards, all the plants are adhered to the recommended International code of Food Hygiene.

Customer Satisfaction

For the complete satisfaction of the customers, we assure to provide superior quality products. All or products are hygienically packed and timely delivered to render absolute client satisfaction. This has consequently enabled us in the stretching out list of our satisfied customers across the regions.

Bottled Natural Mineral Water Consumption is adopted habitual by every common man across the country, the basic concept of human being is to access treated water for human consumption. There are many market players in the nation, however ‘Riham’ is proud to be among the leading brands.

The Merits of well-defined processed and the benefits of bottled mineral water is to health and wellbeing, especially in the face of increasing concerns about water borne diseases such as cholera and continue to gain recognition amongst customers. Bottled mineral water provides a convenient way of quenching thirst in a hot tropical climate which causes rapid dehydration.

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